Nothing prepares a person to be a head coach in the NFL. Just ask Doug Pederson.

"Until you've been in this position, it's really hard to describe," said Pederson,Darren Sproles Jerseyswho was only eight years removed from a high school job when he was named head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles on Jan. 18, 2016.

Pederson was inundated with installing a new system and fixing the culture left out of the smoldering remains of the Chip Kelly era. There was also the death of his father, nine days before the start of his first regular season as the leader of an NFL franchise. One day later, while Pederson was in Louisiana by his family's side, starting quarterback Sam Bradford was traded to the Minnesota Vikings, elevating No. 1 draft pick Carson Wentz into the lineup.

"That's true. That's true," said Pederson, Jordan Matthews Jerseyswhen asked if the perception he was overwhelmed early was accurate. "There is a sense of an overwhelming feeling when you're dealing with so many players and so many different aspects of the organization. ... Until you've been in this position, it's really hard to describe."

Publicly, Pederson has faced a good deal of skepticism. He was not the team's first choice (Ben McAdoo would have been hired if the New York Giants hadn't grabbed him) and he is viewed by some as Andy Reid Lite. A pupil of the longtime Eagles head coach, Connor Barwin JerseysPederson was considered for the job, in part, Brian Dawkins Jerseysbecause he was endorsed by Reid.

"When you've never had those opportunities before, your stepping stones are out in front of everybody," said former Eagles head coach Dick Vermeil, who has become a friend and mentor to Pederson, "especially so in Philadelphia."

Entering his second season as coach, Pederson understands everything that goes with the title. Many of the job-related worries have lessened now that he is used to the constant waves of demand. With the level of comfort, his personality and coaching style are beginning to bubble to the surface, wiping away some of the preconceived notions about him in the process.

For instance, it turns out there's a little toughness to Pederson's approach, Fletcher Cox Jerseysrunning counter to the idea that he is strictly a jovial, player-pleasing coach.

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